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The National Green Front is a citizen centered, green political party in Sri Lanka.

Our ideology is social democracy with environmental wisdom.

We are always open to dialogue and change in the political arena as we seek a more futuristic , more efficient , more progressive and more scientific path towards governing. We believe in achieving growth, creating wealth and seeking prosperity while keeping things sustainable and fair for all in Sri Lanka.

We strongly believe in meritocracy and paving the way for talented young leaders to emerge and become a part of the movement.

Following is a list of reforms that we would like to introduce in Sri Lanka. We are open to hearing your ideas and discussing what matters the most to you. We practice inclusiveness and respect the rights of all citizens to have a say in how the country should be governed.

The State

  1. To establish a nation state with solidarity, unity, sovereignty and efficiency.
  2. We believe in a unitary state for our small nation.
  3. To uphold true democracy and create a political ecosystem for freedom to flourish.
  4. To make all the citizens equal in front of the state and the law.
  5. Safeguard human rights.
  6. Three pillars of the establishment

A. Pragmatic leadership
B. Rule of law
C. Efficient public administrative system

  1. To introduce a more plural power structure within the government.
    A. Introduce a new constitution incorporating a more plural power structure.
    B. Abolish the executive presidency
    C. Uphold parliamentary representative democratic system.
    D. Introduce a system where parliament has more independent power with the prime minister as the head of the government.
    E. The President will remain a nominal and constitutional head of state.
    F. Make this transition of power system gradual and systematic over a period of 5 years.
  2. Promote state secularism.
    A. Preserve Buddhism as state religion
    B. Establish a society with respect for diversity and great degree of tolerance
    C. Promote multiculturalism.
    D. Regulate religious space to ensure spiritual tranquility and peace in society
  3. Make the government smaller, more efficient and more accountable.
  4. Abolish provincial councils/governments.
  5. Continue the local/urban council system with more defined roles and functions.

Public Administration

  1. Introduce new public management principles.
  2. Civil service reforms to minimize government staff.
  3. Introduce private sector principles to the public sector in order to stimulate efficiency.
  4. Establish an independent, efficient and robust auditing system for all layers of government.
  5. Introduce meritocracy in government employment and make the civil service more attractive to recruit and retain top talent.
  6. Introduce efficient eGovernment to public services.

The Judiciary

  1. Establish rule of law.
  2. Make judiciary an independent entity from political influence.
  3. Improve efficiency of the legal system
  4. Increase resources in the judicial system to reduce the time taken to resolve conflicts.

The Market

  1. Uphold free and open market economy.
  2. Alleviate trade barriers.
  3. Introduce anti-trust laws to curb unjustified monopolies and encourage healthy market competition.
  4. Remove unnecessary licensing restrictions and permit regulations to curb corruption and stimulate competitive free trade.
  5. Bring laws to alleviate political lobbying, regulate trade unions, uphold labour rights and control externalities in order to increase market efficiency.
  6. Establish well defined property rights in the country and allow market conditions to negotiate profits.
  7. Fiscal and monetary policies to stimulate fast growth.
  8. Increase the domestic market efficiency to a competitive level in order to win a fair share of the global market.
  9. Adhere to global sustainable development goals.
  10. Privatisation of poor performing industries. Make use of public- private partnerships to collaboratively build infrastructure.
  11. Closure of financially unviable government industries.

The Land

  1. Establish a land use policy maximising usage efficiency of a limited resource.
  2. Generate a blueprint for national land utilisation as per the national economic plan.
  3. Establish clear private property rights and alleviate barriers for market negotiations.

The Environment

  1. Scientific calculations of the desired percentage of forest cover of Sri Lanka in order to preserve water sources and mitigate climate change.
    Approximately 40% of forest land should be separated for nature.
  2. All the national parks and sanctuaries should be linked, covering the whole island into a pan island wildlife corridor network.
  3. Promote reforestation and establish silviculture in central hills

Education Sector

  1. Compulsory education age limits to be made 16 years.
  2. Make first language or native language to be made available for primary education with a gradual shift to English language as the primary language of the education system by the age of 10 years.
  3. Advanced Level to be delivered in English language other than the first language / native language based subjects.
  4. Establish further education technical schools and higher education institutions/ universities for school dropouts to encourage education in other areas of interest for those who wish to do so.
  5. Increasing educational opportunities for all.
  6. While preserving the free education policy of Sri Lanka, quality regulated private educational institutions to be established. Private educational institutions to be regulated by government authority to ensure high quality education and training outcomes.
  7. Establish equality of opportunity for all children.

Health Sector

  1. Preserve a free healthcare system.
  2. Increase healthcare budgeting.
  3. Upgrade and transform healthcare administration to deliver the best possible care outcomes.
  4. Change of salary structures of healthcare workers to encourage peripheral service.
  5. Establish a government-commissioned GP practice to link up with the national healthcare system in order to organise follow ups and after care.
  6. Establish community hospital services to support in the care of differently abled and the aged population)

The Foreign Policy

  1. Establish effective foreign service to support global Sri Lankan workforce.
  2. Establish international relationships and make alliances for regional and national security.
  3. Uphold and adhere to all international agreements and commitments signed till to date.
  4. Create trade friendly international agreements and understandings in order to eliminate barriers for trade and promote businesses.
  5. Explore business opportunities with trading partners and make bilateral or multilateral trade agreements where needed.

Transportation Sector

  1. Establish a good interconnected network of public transportation with trains, buses and taxis.
  2. Bus services to be transformed into limited liability companies with bus owners being joint stockholders.
  3. Taxi services should be standardised with three wheelers and cars.
  4. Bus drivers and taxi drivers and other workers in the transportation sector to be provided with vocational training and upskilling opportunities to maintain quality of customer care.

In summary , the National Green Front (NGF) would like to make the following impactful changes in Sri Lanka.

  1. Establish pragmatic leadership.
  2. Establish an efficient public management system.
  3. Establish rule of law.
  4. Liberate markets and stimulate growth.
  5. Establish an industry and market friendly environment with minimal barriers for trade.
  6. Achieve economic development.
  7. Eliminate poverty by making sure wealth is redistributed fairly through market systems.
  8. Improve the quality of life of citizens and make them ready for the future.
  9. Convert the state into a more efficient, socially responsible, and global state.
  10. Manage the state with environmental wisdom in order to ensure sustainability.

As a political party, we will commit to work efficiently to achieve the aforementioned purposes.

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